IWS Minute Timer – Dripper System

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IWS Minute Timer

The minute/second timer from IWS is a fantastic way to turn any hand watered pots into a fully automated feed system.

It has been specially designed to run any size pump and when used in conjunction with 13 or 19mm feed pipe and drippers or drip rings can easily be adjusted to feed your plants as little or often as they require.

The unit has a built in ‘Grasslin’ 15 minute segment timer which will power up the unit once for every section that is pushed in. The feed time is then adjusted by selecting either minutes or seconds on the control knob and then adjusted (1 to 15 Minutes or 1 to 60 seconds) by turning the knob clockwise.

Aside from being one of the most adjustable timers available it also has a twin socket built in so that you can feed two systems at once.

This unit would be a great addition to your system if you are feeding anywhere from 4 to even 400 plants.

The unit comes pre wired with a 3 pin plug and a twin socket adapter for outlets and includes full operating instructions.