Ionic Hydro Grow

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Ionic Hydro Grow

Growth Technology Ionic Hydro Grow is a nutrient solution cultivated for hydroponic cultivation for the vegetative stage of growth. It comes as a single pack nutrient to deliver the mineral elements a plant needs.

  • Easy to use.
  • Separate formulas for the grow and bloom phases of growth.
  • For use in all hydroponic systems, including NFT, Flood & Drain, and passive hydroponics based on inert media like Perlite.
  • Stable solution and pH to deliver the correct ratios and reduce pH fluctuations in the tank.
  • Ionic contains 14 essential elements at macro and micro levels supporting fast growth and big yields.
  • Precise delivery due to key minerals being locked together in large molecules.
  • Growth Technology Ionic for Hydro Grow is designed to maximise fast vegetative growth.

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