Ionic Grow / Bloom HW

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Ionic Grow / Bloom

Growth Technology Ionic for Coco Grow and Bloom are specialized precise formulations for the vegetative stage of plant growth and flower production, designed to get the best possible results. It comes as a single plant nutrient to deliver the mineral elements a plant needs.

  • Easy to use.
  • Separate formulas for the grow and bloom phases of growth.
  • Stable solution and pH to deliver the correct ratios.
  • Ionic contains 14 essential elements at macro and micro levels supporting fast growth and big yields.
  • Loaded with pure humic and fulvic acids to support extreme growth.
  • Increases nutrient uptake and enhances growth rates and yields.
  • Gentle plant friendly solution.
  • Growth Technology Ionic Grow should be used during the growth and vegetative stages of your plants growth.
  • Growth Technology Ionic Bloom should be used after Grow during the flowering or fruiting phase of your plants growth.

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