House & Garden Root Excelurator

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  • Drastically improves a plants root growth
  • Isolates and kills germs, preventing them from spreading
  • Protects against root disease
  • Highly concentrated

House & Garden Root Excelurator is a market leader when it comes to promoting root growth and root protection in soil and coco based plants.


What Is The Purpose Of House & Garden Root Excelurator?

Made to stimulate root growth whilst providing protection against diseases, Root Excelurator is one of House & Garden’s most sought-after products. Made from a perfect blend of beneficial bacteria, vitamin B complex, cold pressed sea kelp, molasses and seed extracts, Root Excelurator creates massive root networks, whilst removing and protecting against root diseases like Root-rot.


Who Can Benefit From Using House & Garden Root Excelurator?

Root Excelurator can be used by anyone who grows plants in soil, coco or a hydroponic system. This could be a traditional gardener who wants to significantly improve root growth. However, it could also be a professional hydroponic gardener who wants to improve their growing medium and drastically improve root growth.


House & Garden Root Excelurator Specifications & Guidance

  • Add during vegetative stage on rooted cuttings
  • Dosage: 0.3ml per one litre of water
  • Shake before use
  • Always wear PPE
  • Never mix concentrates together


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