House & Garden Drip Clean

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House & Garden Drip Clean does away with blocked irrigation piping by removing unwanted dirt particles and salt build-up. Furthermore, as it contains beneficial minerals, it also gives your plants a boost.


What Is The Purpose Of House & Garden Drip Clean?

Over time, your irrigation piping can get blocked with unwanted dirt particles and salt build-up. This can significantly reduce the effectiveness of your nutrient solution, whilst also hindering your plant’s growth and ability to produce flowers or fruits.

Specially designed to work with drip-irrigation systems, House & Garden Drip Clean is perfect for getting rid of these unwanted blockages. Simply adding 0.1ml of Drip Clean for each Litre of nutrient solution into your reservoir guarantees your irrigation pipes remain free of blockages.

Not only does Drip Clean improve the flow of your irrigation pipes, but it can also significantly benefit your plants over health and growth cycle by providing it with beneficial minerals.


Who Can Benefit From House & Garden Drip Clean?

Any gardener who uses a drip-irrigation system can benefit from Drip Clean. This could be a serious home gardener who utilises a drip-irrigation system to feed his flowers or fruits. However, it could also be a large-scale professional gardener who uses a drip-irrigation system to water and feed their plants.


House & Garden Drip Clean Specifications & Guidance

  • Dosage: 0.1ml of solution to 1 litre of nutrient mix
  • Shake before use
  • Always use PPE