Garland Premium Propagators

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Garland Propagator Box

These high dome propagators will help you to achieve the correct moderate temperature and high humidity environment.

When rooting cuttings or germinating seeds, achieving the correct environment is just as important as the genetics you’ve chosen to grow.

Large High Dome Propagator

A very popularly sized unit using a standard seed tray as a base. The base tray features our unique 2 tier drainage cell holes while the cover features our easy to adjust ‘dial’ ventilator.

  • Crystal clear top cover.
  • 2 Tier drainage cell holes.
  • Easy to adjust ‘dial’ ventilator.
  • Seamless injection moulding for longest product life.
  • 10 Step guide to seed propagation included.
  • Length: 37.5cm (15″).
  • Width: 23cm (9″).
  • Height: 18cm (7″).

XL High Dome Propagator

Our largest unheated propagator and to our knowledge the largest injection moulded propagator on the UK market. The base tray does not feature drainage holes, given that most users opt to fill the unit with smaller trays or pots or multi cell inserts.

  • Crystal clear top cover.
  • Seamless injection moulding for longest product life.
  • One of the largest injection moulded propagators on the UK market.
  • Large enough to fit all types of cell inserts.
  • No drainage holes.
  • Easy to adjust ‘dial’ ventilator.
  • Length: 58cm (23″).
  • Width: 40.5cm (16″).
  • Height: 22.5cm (9″).

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