Flexi Trays

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Flexi Trays

Flexi trays are super flexible trays that are the solution for growers dealing with small growing areas and grow tents. They are the ideal accessory for any grower looking to make the most out of their space as it makes growing in the tightest of spaces easy as it will fit through small and odd shaped openings. Additionally, protects the floor by keeping all liquids inside the tray at all times, in case of leakages and spillages.

  • Ideal for tight spaces, where most other non-flexible trays would not fit
  • Acts as a dripper tray
  • Durable, thick rubber with non-sleep tread
  • Available in different sizes

Available in different sizes: 0.8m, 0.8m (deep), 1m, 1m (deep), 1.2m, and 1.2m (deep)

How to Use

Unroll it out and allow it to naturally open. It may need time to adjust and flatten out if it comes rolled up for posting. Once completely flat, place it within your growing space.