Essentials Lab EC Meter Calibration Solution Fluid

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Essentials Lab EC Meter Calibration Solution Fluid

Essentials LAB EC Meter Calibration Solution is intended for use in calibrating EC meters to CF 28 – EC 2.80 – PPM 1820. Regular calibration will keep your EC Meter reading accurately.

  • Highly accurate calibration solution
  • Ensures that your EC Meter is reading correctly
  • Potassium Chloride solution
  • Electrical Conductivity: 2.8ms/cm @20°C
  • PH 4 – 5.


When should I calibrate my EC meter, and why do I need to do it?
The performance of an EC meter will change with time due to aging. To ensure it is working correctly, regular calibration is a must. If you are using your EC meter daily, you should calibrate it at least once a week.

How should I use Essentials LAB EC Meter Calibration Solution to calibrate my pH meter?
Ensure that your EC meter and the calibration solution are at similar temperatures, by keeping them in the same place for a while. Shake the bottle before use. Always pour a small amount into another container to test EC, and do not place your EC probe directly into the bottle. This will avoid contamination of the calibration solution in the bottle and will maintain its accuracy. After use, discard the solution used for calibration, and never put it back into the bottle. Follow the calibration instructions provided with your EC Meter.

How should I store LAB EC Meter Calibration Solution?
Always keep the bottle upright with the cap screwed tight to avoid evaporation or spillage. Store your calibration solution at temperatures between 5°C and 25°C, and out of direct sunlight.

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