Emerald Harvest Sturdy Stalk

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Emerald Harvest


Emerald Harvest Sturdy Stalk

Potassium Silicate Supplement

Strengthen plant cell walls to support heavier harvests and crop resilience with this potassium silicate supplement.

Sturdy Stalk ensures crops can support heavier harvests, better endure environmental stressors and resist other threats.

  • Thicker and more rigid plant cell walls for studier plants
  • More prolific budding, flowering and yields
How Does It Work?

Sturdy Stalk’s key ingredient, silica, fortifies the internal structures plants need to support top-heavy plants laden with flowers and fruits.

  • Soluble silicon derived from potassium silicate
  • High (11.2%) silica (silicon dioxide or SO2) content
  • Additional bloom-boosting potassium
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Emerald Harvest

Emerald Harvest