Elite Lighting Pad Controller

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Elite Lighting


Elite Lighting Pad Controller

Elite Lighting Pad Controller brings precision temperature monitoring to a higher echelon in the commercial cultivation industry. This controller has the ability to control dual environments with a maximum of 150 ballasts per environment.


  • Easy programming
  • Simple touchscreen operation
  • Data logging of changes and events
  • Accurate temperature monitoring
  • Auto-dim temp / shutdown temp
  • Rise & Fall options
  • Independent customisable light cycles (2 zones)
  • Asynchronous timer
  • Chose between °C and °F

Data Log Tracks Garden Activity & Events

Garden events; start, end, faults or warnings will be saved to a Data Log.

Temperature Monitoring

The controller can be used to connect two temperature sensors to measure the temperature in the room. The temperature sensor should be placed as close as possible to the sensor of the existing climate control system. This to ensure that both sensors will measure the same temperature. If there is a deviation, the temperature sensor can be calibrated from the Menu.

High Temperature Auto-Dim & Shutdown Temp

The “AUTO-DIM TEMP” option senses when indoor temperatures are getting too high and responds automatically by dimming the connected lamps, reducing or even avoiding environmental stress and crop damage.

The “SHUTDOWN-TEMP” is an extra safety feature that will shut down all lighting in the room when the temperature is not reducing after the “Auto-Save Temp” has set in. Causes could be a malfunctioning extraction unit or climate control unit. A manual resetting of the “SHUTDOWN TEMP” is then required to restart the system.

Be advised that the controller is not a replacement for climate control equipment, its primary use is only to prevent crop damage with the “AUTO-SAVE TEMP” and “SHUTDOWN TEMP” function.

Customise Rise And Fall Options

The touchscreen controller simulates natural growing conditions with the “RISE/FALL” option, allowing plants to gradually warm up and cool down.

Independent Customisable Light Cycles (2 Zones)

The two Garden light-cycles can run separate schedules, ideal to control a vegetative and flower cycle. Garden B can follow/copy the Garden A light-cycle, inverse (flip), or run a custom schedule independent of Garden A. An inverse light-cycle is used to alternate light-cycles between 2 rooms on a 12/12 room cycle. For ‘Inverse Mode’, light-cycles must be set to 12 hours on, 12 hours off.

Standard & Asynchronous Timer Capability

Timer setup can be standard 24H or non-24H days. Simulate daylight hours or reduce time to harvest by using the asynchronous timer.



Elite Lighting

Elite Lighting