Elite 600w Digital Grow Light Complete Kit (x10)

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Elite Lighting


Elite 600w Digital Grow Light Complete Kit (x10)

A complete light kit to get you growing!

Elite Digital Ballasts

The Elite 600w Digital Ballast gives growers control over their grow tents lightning, helping their plants produce larger crops and yields. It is ideal for any grower who wants greater control over their grow rooms lightning environment, giving the option of changing their grow lights wattage to a level to suit their needs. In addition to being dimmable, they also include heat reducing technology that stops the ballast from overheating. This protects delicate peices of equiptment from being damages and prevents reduction of plant development.

Each ballast is lightweight, durable, and comes with a stylish metal casing.

  • Dimmable to 250w
  • Lightweight
  • Low heat output
  • Includes spare fuse
  • Can run HPS & MH grow light bulbs
  • For growers wanting more control over their grow rooms lightning environment

Product Specifications

  • 600w
  • Voltage: 120 – 240v
  • Stainless Steel Black Casing

600W Dual Spectrum Bulbs

The Elite Lighting 600w Dual Spectrum Bulb is a powerful and intense bulb for the vegetative and flowering stages of a plants growth. It is an economic bulb with no need to swap for a different bulb between plant growth stages, has a lifespan of over 30,000 so can be used for multiple grows, and is made with technology that is more efficient than most other grow light bulbs.

  • Dual Spectrum; used for both vegetative and flowering stages of plant growth
  • Premium brand and quality
  • Offers high quality and incredible intensity lightning
  • Has a life span of 30,000+ hours
  • Can be used for multiple grows
  • More efficient compared with other grow light bulbs

Product Specifications

  • Colour temperature of 2000K
  • Emits blue & red spectrum

Euro Reflectors

Our Euro Grow Light Reflector is quite simply a great budget reflector at a great price. The Euro Reflector is a value-for-money reflector for first-time growers or more experienced gardeners on a budget. It has a V-ridge along the top and silver dimpled wings for excellent reflectivity, light dispersion and reduction of hot-spots. The Euro HPS grow light reflector has a ceramic lamp-holder for reliability and heat-resistance and has 2 convenient tabs on the top for easy hanging. It is an excellent no-frills product where cost is a major concern.

  • Simple but effective design
  • Highly reflective dimpled wings
  • Ceramic lamp-holder
  • Ideal for 250W-600W HID (HPS or MH) lamps
  • Lightweight
  • Outstanding value-for-money

Euro Reflector contains: 1 x Euro Reflector with 3 metre cable terminated in an IEC plug


10x 600w Elite Digital Ballast
10x 600w Dual Spectrum Bulb
10x Euro Reflector



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Elite Lighting

Elite Lighting