Duct Y Pieces

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Duct Y Pieces

Duct Y Pieces is a metal joint connectors to split the exctraction system between two grow rooms, and are great for professional indoor hydropnoic reservoir systems. It is one of the simpliest ways to make the split, the peices can be easily connected to the ducting within your extration system and are very easy to fit. The pieces are designed from extremely tough steel, making them highly robust and durable.

It is a highly durable and incredible useful ducting accessory for indoor grow rooms.

  • Provides more options when creating extraction systems
  • Extremely tough and hard wearing design
  • Simple solution
  • Very easy to fit

Note: When using the duct Y pieces to move air from two grow areas with a single duct fan, ensure that the pressures are correctly measured. Inaccuracies will cause problems within the grow room.

How to Use

To attach the duct Y Pieces to the ducting, simply use duct tape or a jubilee clip. Please be aware that the couples will need to be matched in order for this to work properly. For example, female to female couplings to join the pieces to ducting or other segments. Any gaps can be sealed with duct tape.

Available in 12 different sizes:

  • 100x100x100
  • 125x125x125
  • 150x100x100
  • 150x150x150
  • 200x150x150
  • 200x200x200
  • 250x200x200
  • 315x250x250
  • 315x315x315
  • 250x250x250
  • 250x150x150
  • 315x200x200

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Y Size

100x100x100, 150x100x100, 150x150x150, 200x150x150, 200x200x200, 250x200x200, 315x250x250, 315x315x315, 125x125x125, 250x250x250, 250x150x150, 315x200x200

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