DimLux Expert Series MKII 1000W/1250W EL UHF DXO Bulb (Full Lighting Fixture)

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DimLux Expert Series MKII 1000W/1250W (Full Lighting Fixture)

The new DimLux Expert Series MKII 1000W/1250W Full Fixture with 400V EL UHF DXO Bulb (Californian Spec) is here to redefine competitive efficiency. This fixture outperforms any other 1000W or 1250W (DE) fixture on the market in terms of PAR output, efficiency and PAR maintenance.

To make optimal use of the increased boost, a newly developed HPS 1000/1250W 400V DE EL California bulb has been installed which has superior properties. Unlike other 1000W bulbs which degrade rapidly above 1050W in PAR maintenance, these bulbs are super long-lasting, staying 95% efficient after 10,000 hours of operation. This is the best performing 400V EL bulb available, and is the only bulb specifically designed for both dimming and boosting, which results in highest performance at a boost, without PAR deprivation.

It is a single-spectrum bulb with the most plant-useable light output of just about any 1000W lamp on the market. The bulb produces light mostly in the orange/red part of the spectrum for heavy flowering, but also produce some blue light making it suitable for vegging. It will produce more plant-useable light photons, of a better spectrum, than any other 1000W bulb available.

This full lighting fixture is targeted for professional horticulturalists in the commercial growing industry, which is largely down to its ability to pile on weight during the bloom phase. The extremely high PAR output and high PAR maintenance provide the best in class grow light and set a new benchmark for 1000W 400V EL bulbs.

This efficient, functional and smart light fixture contains an unmatched and highly efficient ballast driver: 97% efficient, 30% less losses, 30% more compact and lighter than former Dimlux Expert Series MKI. The innovative closed-ballast design allows for better protection of the electronics.

It is equipped as standard with the Ultra Optics Hybrid 98 reflector. This reflector has the highest reflector efficiency in the market with 98% total efficiency, achieved through Miro 98 (99.99 silver) and the SBCS (Single Bounce Clear Sight) principle. This reflector is also easily interchangeable with the Ultra Optics Wide 98 reflector or Ultra Optics Deep 98 reflector. Both reflectors have a 98% efficiency just like the Ultra Optics Hybrid 98.

In a single push button setting, the power output can be increased in increments up to 1250W. This full fixture also contains a 4-character status display with scrolling text, which shows status and error codes clearly. It has a universal smart port which can be used to connect to another ballast or accessory such as a humidity sensor or temperature camera, and is compatible with the DimLux Maxi Controller.

Optimal control, maximum performance

  • Best bulb on the market in terms of PAR output, efficiency and PAR maintenance
  • More plant-usable light photons of a better spectrum than other 1000W bulbs
  • Unmatched, high efficiency ballast driver
  • Closed-ballast design for protection of parts
  • Ultra Optics Hybrid 98 Reflector has highest efficiency on the market
  • Easily interchangeable with the Wide or Deep versions of the 98 Reflector
  • Easy to read display for status and error codes
  • Suitable for all stages of growth
  • Universal smart port with the ability to connect other ballasts
  • Compatible with the DimLux Humidity Sensor, Temperature Camera, and Maxi Controller


  • Light Output PAR (PPF 400-700nm): 2780µmol/s @1250W
  • Light Output PAR Total (PPF 350-800nm): 3070µmol/s @1250W
  • Photon Efficacy PAR (PPE 400-700nm): 2.23µmol/J @1150-1250W
  • Photon Efficacy PAR Total (PPE 350-800nm): 2.46µmol/J @1150-1250W



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