Diamond Density

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Diamond Density

Diamond Density activates a crop’s flower production, delivering an overwhelming increase in floral mass like no other! Results are almost immediate, with rapid growth in size and weight every day of the flowering cycle.

Superior Plant Uptake Technology
  • Powerful stimulant that activates flower production
  • Increases floral mass
  • Rapid floral growth
  • Limits quality degradation and stretching
How It Works

Diamond Density is a combination of precisely targeted hormonal triggers which allows control of a plant’s hormonal response with great accuracy. This in turn limits quality degradation whilst pushing extreme weight gain. Use Diamond Density to increase yield without increasing light or plant sites.

How To Use

Coco/Soil/Potting Mix
When plants reach the required height treat with Diamond Density at 1-2ml/l with every feed for 7 days. For a hardening effect use Diamond Density for the last 7 days before flushing at 1-2ml/l.

When plants reach the required height treat with Diamond Density at 1-2ml/l for 7 days. To induce a hardening effect, dose again at 1-2,l/l for week 6/7.

General Usage Tip:
In run to waste systems ensure 20%-30% run off at each feed. Adequate run off flushes old nutrients out of your growing medium, allowing new plant available ones to take their place. Diamond Density induces aggressive flowering. This feeding technique helps ensure your plant has the best nutrients available to support this development.

(Formally OG Rapid Flower & Hardener)

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