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Cyclone Inline Booster Fan

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  • Perfect for boosting air flow in long runs of ducting
  • Lightweight
  • Energy efficient & quiet operation


What Are Ducting Booster Fans Used For?

Designed to improve air movement around air circulation, Duct Booster Fans are perfect for either improving air circulation or reducing room heat. Made from lightweight durable materials, our range is one of the most used ranges of fans on the market today. In addition, due to recent improvements to the Ducting Booster Fans components, the fans are now even quieter. This not only reduces noise but also improves the fans life span which will ultimately save the user money in the long run.


Where Can Ducting Booster Fans Be Used?

As our range of Booster Fans are lightweight and compact, they can be used in any indoor air circulation system. This could either be a grow room environmental system that needs extra air circulation. Alternatively, it could also be a kitchen/bathroom air circulation system that needs improving.

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