CO2 Meter

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Are your customers constantly asking how to increase yield? Adding supplemental CO2 is certainly the next step up for most growers. These excellent value-for-money CO2 Regulators are designed for hydroponic applications  and make supplying extra CO2 extremely simple and safe. The easy to use flow meter helps maintain optimum CO2 levels for the customers plants, adjustable in increments of 0.5-15 cubic feet per hour. The built in solenoid valve and a pre-set regulator ensure the application of CO2 only happens when your customer sets it to come on. Simply plug it in to a standard digital or mechanical timer to come on when you choose.

The CO2 regulator comes with 5 meters of plastic tubing. We reccomend attaching this to the back of an oscillating fan to guarantee even dispersion. It also comes with two spare washers. We reccomend replacing the washer every time the regulator is attached to a new bottle.

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