CellFast Smart Anti Twist Garden Hose

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Cellfast Smart Garden Hose 1/2″

  • HIGH DURABILITY: The 3-layer special ATS variant tricot reinforcement ensures high flexibility and protects it against breakage. It is also non-wringing and resistant to accumulation of knots blocking the stream of water.
  • HIGH QUALITY: The hose is resistant to UV radiation and has an inner layer that prevents the algae from settling, so it can be used for years. The product was manufactured entirely in Europe by Cellfast.
  • SAFETY: The hose does not contain heavy metals. There is no cadmium, lead and bar, without toxic plasticizers (phthalates), which makes it safe for you, your family and fruits and vegetables in your garden.
  • HIGH RESISTANCE: The product can be used at temperatures -10/+50°С and has a tensile strength of 20 BAR, which makes it durable. It can be used in any season. All round hose.
  • VERSATILITY: The water hose fits all original parts and tools of the Cellfast system for many garden applications.