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C-Result ensures all nutrients are being transported directly to the roots of your plant. This results in bigger yields, heavier harvests and stronger plants. In addition, C-Result can shorten your flowering phase by 7 to 10 days (+ more yield). You only need to give C-Result once a month. Mix C-Result in your water tank with (or without) nutrients and additives. Add C-Result once in the 1st week of veg, 1st week flower and 5th week flower.

100% Natural, no chemicals used!

C-Result is also suitable for strengthening mother plants and weaker plants. C-Result can be combined with all nutrients and additives. Overdosing C-Result is not harmful for your plants. C-Result has no influence on the EC or PH values. C-Result is 100% natural and contains no pgr or chemicals. Shelf life is at least 5 years.


1. Fill your water tank with water.

2. Add your nutrients (A + B and Additives) to your water tank.

3. Then add C-Result to your water tank (5ml C-Result per liter of water).

4. Regulate your PH in your water tank.

5. Water your plants.

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