BioGreen Garlic

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BioGreen Garlic

BioGreen Garlic is a 100% organic insect and fungi repellent. It can be used at all plant stages, and works as prevention and treatment. BioGreen Garlic is also designed for use in all mediums (soil/hydro/coco).

The main bioactive component extracted from the garlic is Allicin, a compound of organic sulphur (thiosulfonate) with a strong antioxidant effect and other good properties for plants. Allicin works as the first mechanism of defence against insects and fungi. It works preventively against various pathogenic fungi such as mould, mildew, nematodes, snails, beetles and insects such as spider mites, thrips, aphids, fungus gnats, whitefly and more.

All the ingredients come from the best natural resources, providing exceptional quality. BioGreen is made from pure raw materials and is totally PGR free.

Keep the pests away!

  • 100% biological/organic – no harmful or chemical residue
  • Strongest natural pesticide in market
  • Will NOT affect the taste or smell of plants
  • Highly concentrated for great value
  • ​Can be used throughout the whole flower phase
  • ​Repels various insects, prevents various pathogenic fungi
  • ​Can be used in combination with other pesticides
  • Designed to be used in conjunction with other nutrients

How To Use:

Can be used as prevention, treatment and foliar. Shake well before use. Avoid overdose. Store in a dark and frost-free place.


  • WHEN? If you want to keep plants bug & fungi free.
  • HOW? When you mix the nutrients in the water reservoir, add 1ml of Biogreen Garlic per litre of water. Then, water the plants with the solution.
  • REPEAT? Every time you water the plants. From beginning of veg till end of flower.


  • WHEN? When the plants have an infestation of bugs.
  • HOW? Mix 4ml Biogreen Garlic per litre of water in the water reservoir (together with the nutrients). Then, water the plants with the solution.
  • IMPORTANT: Lay a fresh head of lettuce (or any other fresh leaf that is easy to bite) nearby the plant(s) that are infested. This is of utmost importance since the bugs now need an untreated source of food to flee to. The next day, carefully wrap a bag around the head(s) of lettuce and responsibly dispose of it.
  • REPEAT?For heavy infestations, repeat this 3/4 days later


  • WHEN? When plants have powdery mildew or other fungi problems.
  • HOW? Mix 50ml Biogreen Garlic per litre of water in a spray bottle. Spray the infected plants and make sure to cover the top and bottom of the infected leaves.
  • REPEAT? Repeat after 2/3 days until the fungi problem is resolved.

Do not use BioGreen Garlic simultaneously with hydrogen peroxide products

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