Atami Coco Bloom Stimulator

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Atami Bcuzz Coco Bloom Stimulator

Atami B’cuzz Bloom Stimulator, Despite competitors on the market, Atami’s Bloom Stimulator product gives the best performance around. It provides all necessary stimulation of the growth of flower cells and also increases the production of sugar molecules and improves their transport around the plant.

Completely soluble in water. Activates biological life in the substrate. Enhances root growth significantly. Contains micro nutrients in chelate form. Enzyme-like activity on multiple fronts. Contains aqua bacteria. Contains all components for the citric acid cycle. Especially developed for the Indica varieties on hydro substrate.

All Bcuzz products have been customized to each other so that their use does not disturb the biological balance.

With Bcuzz products the professional grower can stimulate the plant from seed or cutting to mature plant in such a way that this will lead to a more rapid and efficient fission, cell expansion and cell differentiation (in other words a healthy surplus produce!).

Ensures explosive bloom production in addition to large compact Buds.

100% Organic formulation, Atami, the producer of B’cuzz strongly believes in the importance of ecological products. Thats why all B’cuzz Bio-stimulators contain only natural components and are as such harmless to man and plant.


  • 400 W/m2: 1,0 ml per litre water.
  • 600 W/m2: 1,5 ml per litre water.
  • 800 W/m2: 2,0 ml per litre water.