Atami BCuzz Root Stimulator

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Atami BCuzz Root Stimulator

B’Cuzz Root Stimulator ensures strong growth of the roots, aiding them in water/nutrient uptake and reducing the chances of root diseases such as root lice, rot and Fusarium.

Paying attention to the roots early on helps to create large and healthy root zones – important for getting the rich and well balanced supply of essential elements needed. B’Cuzz Root Stimulator gives increased absorption rates of water and nutrients, creates a more established anchor point to support increased amounts of foliage and reinforces the structure, significantly reducing the risk of root diseases.

  • Use daily for the first week. Mix 1ml per litre of water.
  • From the second week, it is recommended to use B’Cuzz Booster.
  • Root Stimulator is suitable for hydro, coco and soil.

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