Advanced Nutrients – Iguana Juice Grow

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Advanced Nutrients – Iguana Juice Grow

Advanced Nutrients Iguana Juice Grow is an all organic, deodorized and perfectly formulated base nutrient to give your plants complete nutrition for accelerated growth and amazing yields. Works especially for plants growing in soil.

  • 100% organic. Made with a whole range of natural foods – cold-water fish, krill extract, yucca extract, earthworm castings, volcanic ash, kelp meal and alfalfa extract.
  • Easy and quick application – no mixing required.
  • Doesn’t smell bad like other organic plant feeds.
  • Contains the right amount of nutrients to grow strong plants.
  • Formulated for use in the vegetative cycle.
  • Non-clogging solution, doesn’t create sludge.
  • No sludge to breed fungus gnats or other insects.

Follow this simple feed chart designed by the Advanced Nutrients research team during the grow phase:

Week 1 – 1mL/L.
Week 2 – 2mL/L.
Week 3 – 4mL/L.
Week 4 – 4 mL/L.

ATTENTION: (Grow Phase “Vegetative Stage”) Use 4 mL per Liter during all weeks of the grow phase. Use 2 mL per Liter for small plants with 3 to 4 sets of leaves. Use 1 mL per Liter for cuttings & seeds.
Works best with Advanced Nutrients Iguana Juice Bloom and the Advanced Nutrients range of additives and boosters.

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