Advanced Nutrients – Bud Ignitor

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Advanced Nutrients – Bud Ignitor

Advanced Nutrients Bud Ignitor promotes flowering whilst enhancing growth. Bud Ignitor uses extra potassium and phosphorus for plants to cache as extra reserves to draw upon to create budding sites early with maximum oil production.

  • Within two weeks of flowering, floral initiation will be shown on 70-100% of steam nodes, opposed to the typical 30-55% nodes.
  • Maximizes amount of flowers per plant.
  • Maximum harvests for less time and money.
  • Can reduce flowering time.
  • Works best with Advanced Nutrient formulas for plants moving into peak bloom and then harvest, like Big Bud, Bud Candy and Overdrive.

Follow this simple feed chart designed by the Advanced Nutrients research team:

Week 1 – 2mL/L.
Week 2 – 2mL/L.

ATTENTION: Bud Ignitor is completely compatible with all pH Perfect and non pH Perfect Base Nutrients along with all competitors Base Nutrients and Supplements.

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