Why Green Box Grow Tents are the best.

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Why Green Box Grow Tents are the best.

Green Box Tents – The Best Tents On The Market

Based on Price, Quality & Margins

Let’s face it, there are a huge amount of different tents available on the market today. Each one claims to be the best around, often made in the same factory with a different logo it can be hard to filter out the good from the bad.

Green Box Tents are not claiming to be revolutionary; in fact were quite the opposite. Our tents have been manufactured using tried and tested materials to ensure reliability and longevity. With 600D Mylar (now industry standard), heavy duty, long lasting Zippers and extra thick poles our Green Box tents are easily as good as, if not better than, the leading brands.

What makes our tent range so special is the availability of different shapes and sizes. We have the LARGEST variety of shapes and sizes in the UK. No other wholesaler can match our variety.

Our Margins are special too. Green Box Tents are priced realistically; we know the #1 concern for shops is margins. That is why Green Box Tents offer the best margins compared to the competition.

The hydroponics market in the UK is by far still in its infancy when compared to the booming USA market. What this means is there is very little brand loyalty, customers who are just starting out are often just looking to find the best ‘Value’ tent, often what this translates to is the cheapest!

We know there are cheaper tents out there and were confident in saying your customers will end up dis satisfied if they purchase one of these. Maintaining customer’s expectations is hard and finding the right balance can be tricky but is also the key to repeat business.

You want your customer to go home happy, not feeling ripped off when they come to set up their equipment; you want them to be impressed. Exceed expectations by offering Green Box Tents for sale. Make better margins, gain trust and ensure you can offer a tent to perfectly fit your customers growing space.

View the full range of Green Box Tents here.

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