OptiClimate Air Distribution Hose

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OptiClimate Air Distribution Hose

Air distribution hose for refrigeration systems from OptiClimate. Made with high quality transparent plastic anti-static with a thickness of 180 Mu. It has round holes along the length of the hose, located in the bottom 1/3 to ensure optimal air distribution.

Available in different diameters and lengths depending on the OptiClimate model and the surface to be cooled.

  • OptiClimate 3500 – Ø 250mm x 3,5m
  • OptiClimate 6000 – Ø 250mm x 6,5m
  • OptiClimate 10.000 – Ø 315mm x 7m
  • OptiClimate 15.000 – Ø 317mm x 10m



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