Simple EC Meter

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Handheld EC Conductivity Meter / TDS Meter & Digital thermometer
The AH-EC1 meter is part of the AquaHouse range of water testing and measuring equipment and can be used to test the quality of water by detecting the EC (Electrical Conductivity) displayed as Microsiemens µS. The AH-EC1 Meter can also read the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) in the water and displays this as a reading of how many PPM (Parts Per Million) of total dissolved solids there are within the water. The meter also has a built in digital thermometer for quick and easy temperature measurements.
3 in 1 Meter – Measures EC/TDS/Temperature
EC Measurement range 0-9990µS
TDS measurement range 0-5000ppm
Temperature measurement range 0.1 – 80°C
Accuracy ±2%
Power – 1x 3V button battery
Hold button function to save measurements on screen for easy recording